Series Description

Nocturnes are photographs of night scenes in imaginary forests. To be in a forest at night is to leave the comforts and security of civilization and to enter a world of the unknown and the unexpected. The series deals with a variety of issues —philosophical, social, and political — both serious and humorous (often simultaneously). None of the situations depicted actually exist, as the objects in the images were photographed separately and composited using digital processing.

As is the case with so much modern art, there is an ample amount of ambiguity in many of these images. To emphasize the absence of a definitive narrative in these images, two titles are provided for each. Also note that several of these images are diptychs using images with panoramic formats, one above the other, rather than the more common style of two images placed side by side. In the case of diptychs it is not the intent to make a one-to-one association between the alternative titles and the two parts of the diptych; each title should be seen as an alternative interpretation of the diptych as a whole.