Artist Statement

I enjoy the challenge of making images. My preference is not to document reality as it exists (though I have, like most photographers, done my share of that), but rather to create my own reality and address issues from my imagination. A tour of my website will reveal something of my photographic temperament and the kinds of issues that intrigue me. Typically I work on series, continuing with a concept or subject until either I run out of ideas or become bored with the project, whichever comes first. Since I am a non-commercial photographer I need not worry about pleasing an external client; I am my own client.

Mostly I work in large format, using a digital scanning back for my 4×5 camera. I enjoy the slow and deliberate pace of large format work. There is an element of ritual in studio work with a large format camera, a way of working that leads to the feeling that every exposure will be a masterpiece. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. But I carry on!